Pilgrimage of the Stars

The Festival of Primer

Session 1

After embarking from their respective homelands to the continent of Angela the heroes find themselves in Bsald, a tourist resort that is home to a number of low powered Star Touched.

Arriving during the annual festival of Primer you found yourselves thrown together as you enjoyed the festivities, quickly looped into an investigation to track down a stolen sword that is part of a important festival tradition.

Being Star Touched, you quickly discover that the thief is a young Star Touched, around 15 years of age who claimed the sword was part of his ancestral heritage, the proof of which could not be revealed. Trying to escape your superior abilities Strahl was forced to chase the thief across the towns rooftops before finally trapping the boy and discovering that he was in fact the Prince of Angela!

With the sword returned to its rightful place the festival could continue and the Prince was jailed, awaiting the royal guard to return him home.

The party now rest at the towns most expensive hotel, “The Sora’s Song” preparing for the next step in their journey.



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