Pilgrimage of the Stars

The Festival of Primer
Session 1

After embarking from their respective homelands to the continent of Angela the heroes find themselves in Bsald, a tourist resort that is home to a number of low powered Star Touched.

Arriving during the annual festival of Primer you found yourselves thrown together as you enjoyed the festivities, quickly looped into an investigation to track down a stolen sword that is part of a important festival tradition.

Being Star Touched, you quickly discover that the thief is a young Star Touched, around 15 years of age who claimed the sword was part of his ancestral heritage, the proof of which could not be revealed. Trying to escape your superior abilities Strahl was forced to chase the thief across the towns rooftops before finally trapping the boy and discovering that he was in fact the Prince of Angela!

With the sword returned to its rightful place the festival could continue and the Prince was jailed, awaiting the royal guard to return him home.

The party now rest at the towns most expensive hotel, “The Sora’s Song” preparing for the next step in their journey.

The Journey Begins

After resting in comfort at the Sora’s Song inn the players woke the next morning to have a collective, discussing the fate of the group and the future of each member of the group’s pilgrimage. Unanimously agreeing to work together the party collected their gear and left the inn heading to the closing ceremony of the Festival of Primer.

However, not all was well. After being stolen once, the sword that the ceremony revolves around The Heart of Bsald has had the precious red gemstone that granted it so much power pried from its hilt and spirited away in the night.

This not deter Strahl however, the parties swords man tried with all of his might to lift the sword from its stone prison but found that it was in fact his inner strength that would be needed to claim this prized weapon.

After arming Strahl with a new weapon the rest of the group decided that it was time to head up the mountain paths to the long abandoned academy of magic that lies atop mount Bsalm.
Using the majority of his savings from his past life, the engineer Marcus bought a mule to carry the heaviest of the party’s equipment and they were soon off travelling the treacherous most likely bandit infested path ways that allow traders to reach this town.

After only a half days travels towards their destination the party met trouble, while passing refugees from the southern parts of the land the group fall under assault by a small group of bandits lead by a sorcerer, dealing swiftly with the sorcerers minions it is only the powers that he had learnt from the book hanging from a chain slung on his shoulder that kept the sorcerer from his demise.
This was not the last time the group encountered this man during their travels to the academy either further up the road they found that a bandit barricade had been built ready over night ready to ward off the travelling star touched.

This barricade however was not enough to stand against the powers of Strahl and Marcus combined as Marcus sparked flames on the wooden structure that where then boosted by Strahl abilities to spur the winds creating a inferno that engulfed the bandits but reduced all but a single key to ash.
The winds caught hold of a storm however drenching the mountain range in rain as forcing the group to rest in a cramped cave waiting until morning to get closer to their destination. Thankfully, the storm had concealed just how far they had travelled the previous day and it was not long before the grand structure of the academy that once housed a number of heralds once powerful in magic.
The real challenge was yet to come, as time had passed the grand bridge that led to the academies entrance had become home to trolls. One of which was angered by the visit of strangers to his home quickly angering into a fury as Stick insulted him using her usual blunt diplomacy skills to try and get through the situation.

The group fought the troll nearly losing Marcus and Chadrick to his rage as he swung his club this way and that way trying to remove the strangers from his lawn, so to speak.

Luckily, when the second troll arrived the party where not so quick to attack and she managed to calm her husband’s rage, two of the group had nearly lost their life to this encounter but chance was on their side and they found themselves safely taken to the academies entrance.

Once within the group found that the key they had obtained the day before from the rubble of the bandit barricade fit a single door in the academy that lead to a bridge to other parts of the structure, they did however choose to adventure on the side of caution as the ruins are not empty, guarded by powerful magical construct known as the Primerfect. The group where still rewarded in their exploration however as they fought the various defences they discovered a secret room concealed by a magical portal disguised as a fountain, once within they were treated with powerful waters that filled them with the potential to shape their powers in new directions and a single shard of a gem that they had discovered could be used in the forging of powerful weapons.


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