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Gaia is a earth sized planet surrounded by four magical stars; each star holds power over one of four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. These stars maintain a perfect magical union protecting the planet from a fifth star, Sora. A obsidian mass that sucks all life from anything not protected.

Due to the strong influence of these stars a percentage of Gaia are born with or acquire magical gifts, these people are referred to as Star Touched. Though the influence and affects of the Stars varies depending on the part of Gaia a Star Touched comes from, these beings are all capable of tremendous power.

It is because of this potential that many of the Star touched embark on a pilgrimage. The Pilgrimage of the Stars.

Visiting a number of locations that are full of power. YOU are one of these pilgrims.


Each page contains common known knowledge, locations may not contain specific information until after you have visited them.



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