A temperate continent in the northern hemisphere of Gaia, The Kingdoms of Angela is known to be a place inhabited by many people who are commonly linked with magic and ability. Home to one of the greatest Star Touched to have lived King Richard Faelin Angela is often spoke of in wonder struck excitement and is known across the lands as one of the common first stops on a Pilgrim journey to visit each Star Location.

Angela is made up of flowing plains and rocky mountains, known for its hearty farmland and the ability to grow crops in nearly every part of the year it has moderate temperatures all year round with the winters being more wet then cold.

Many small villages dot the continents lands though they mostly go unnoticed by anyone but those who are traveling the land in search of the magical powers that lay in wait.


Angela is made up of four regions, three of these regions are the lands of the Three Kings, more commonly known as the Lords of Earth; The most famous Lord of Earth is King Faelin. The fourth region used to be the Kingdom of Solus, but rumors across the lands say that the majority of the Kingdom is no more and that only its well known coastal settlements still stand.

Kingdom of Bradil

Population: Roughly 3 million

The most powerful of the three kingdoms and home to King Faelin, the Kingdom of Bradil is a place home to many salt of the earth folk who over the years have used the power of the Earth start to help mold and shape the lands, grow their crops and gather timber and stone for their buildings.

It is also the kingdom that is home to the Earth Source of Gaia, The Fang of the Earth and it because of this that Angela has been wracked by many wars between the Lords of Earth each wishing to control the power of the Stars Influence.

Bradil contains the following major settlements:

  • The City of Bradil
  • Lewisvale
  • Bradcove
  • Elkalia

Bradil contains the following places of interest

  • The Fang of the Earth

Kingdom of Kelstark

Popultion: Roughly 1 million

The Kingdom of Kelstark is the rainiest part of Angela receiving the bulk of the tropical storms that come up the currents of the sea from the warmer southern parts of the world, this has resulted in it’s people growing to be a hardy folk much like the stone that all of their buildings are made from. They are a unwelcoming community when faced with strangers but still hold the same acceptance of Starfolk that you would expect in the continent.

The majority of this kingdoms lands is used as pastures for sheep and cattle with only a small amount of crops grown every year the Kingdom relies heavily on imports from other lands resulting in the smaller Kingdom often siding alongside the Kingdom of Valkrien in any disputes that occur between the Kingdoms taking advantage of the massive food stocks the Kingdom builds off of the carefully manipulated soils in it’s lands.

The King of Kelstark, King Yolosk is said to be a harsh ruler who rules through his closest servants only ever leaving his castle when wearing a full suits of expertly crafted armor that hides his features.

Kelstark contains the following major settlements:

  • The City of Kelstark
  • Fort Galidale

Bradil contains the following places of interest
You have not discovered enough about Kelstark to know of it’s places of interest

Kingdom of Valkrien

Population: Roughly 2 million

Known for being home to the first stop on many Star Touched’s Pilgrimages the Kingdom of Valkrien is a place of greener grass, crystal clear lakes and grand forests. It is a place that has been carefully sculpted and changed over the years, long ago by skilled Heralds who used the land for resources that where needed at [[Academy of Primer] and later by the Star Touched who followed.

Valkrien is the Kingdom that thought not as powerful as Bradil holds a great deal of wealth in it’s exports which include food grown from it’s fields, weapons and armor forged from its ore and Alchemical creations created from the Kingdoms wide variety of rare plants and materials.

The people of Valkrien are said to always be a little connected to the Stars whether or not full fledged Star Touched it’s people are often talented and hardworking and it is often thought that some sort of magic brings them fortune in there every endeavor.

The King of Valkrien, King Belmor is said to have made the Pilgrimage in Angela possible ensuring that locations such as the Academy of Primer remain undisturbed by anyone but those who are seeking places of power for self discovery, not greed.

Valkrien contains the following major settlements:

  • The City of Valkrien
  • Bsald

Bradil contains the following places of interest

  • Angela

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