0 – The Unity is Formed

Gaia’s rotation halted for a second as Heralds across its surface chanted drawing each of the four stars that they drew from with their abilities closer and closer until each fell into a perfect unity around the planetoid that risked consumption by Sora.

The rotations began once more each star following, staying over the exact location as the Heralds last chant had them fall down dead.

This event is referred to as “The Unity” where the council of Endar was sacrificed to stop the mass that was Sora from consuming the souls of Gaia’s people. In doing this, the council cut all Heralds off from magic a sudden and abrupt change that had many die on the very spot they stood.

100 – The Birth of Star Touched

After the unity of stars, Gaia was cast into a dark age of magic, in which magic no longer existed in the life of man. It was in this time that humanity began to develop outside of its reliance on magic with some areas prospering from left over magic’s if they could. It was at least one hundred year until the first signs of the Stars Influence began to show themselves as if someone had flicked a switch welcoming magic’s influence back into the world.

Earth quakes shook parts of the world creating mountains over night where fields had once lay, forests burst into flames but never turned to ash, a typhoon of water rose to the sky creating a constant storm and a pillar of lightning fell from the sky striking the ground and cracking the earth to form a grand canyon of glass among the vastest dessert.

It was shortly after these events that the beings that would become known as Star Touched where born.

120 – The First Pilgrimage

Intrigued by the abilities that some Star Touched had discovered during their upbringing a group formed from the frosty north of Gaia each of them gifted with abilities from Mizu (The Water Star) the group set to cross the ocean in search of other locations similar to the Fountain of Skies that they had travelled to. Stumbling upon the Everblaze during their travels in the western part of the world they discovered that visiting locations that where influenced by other stars allowed themselves to grow in strength further than that of just using their abilities.

This First Pilgrimage began to set a trend as tales of their travels reach the four corners of the globe.

150 – The Good Omen

Within the years following the 150th Anniversary of the Unity it was said that a number of Star Touched where born under a good omen, on the days of each childs birth (the heroes of this very campaign) the skies where alit with an aurora of magic caused by the gathering of the Stars.

Whenever this occurred, it would be referred to as the good omen because someone capable of doing great things beyond that of any other had been born.


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