Craft Alchemy

Skill: Craft (Alchemy)

Alchemy is a method in which even non-star touched can access the power of the elements. Using a number of scientific methods a alchemist is capable of creating oils, potions and modifying the elements of objects.

Alchemy is a skill left over from the Dark Ages of Heralds and War, before the Unity of Stars.

Alchemy is treated like any other craft skill except when a player makes fumble. On a fumble the player must roll on the Alchemic Mishap Table.

Roll Result
1 Serious failure, an explosion causes the alchemist to suffer 1d10 damage, and all resources used in the skill are lost.
2-10 Any objects involved in the skill are ruined.
11-20 Explosion, The alchemist and anyone or anything within a 1D6 SIZ radius suffer 1d6 damage.
21-24 Poisoned, POTENCY 10
25 Seriously Poisoned, POT 20
26-30 Poisoned, POTENCY 10
31-40 POTENCY 10 gas that causes unconsciousness spreads through the building or room the alchemist is in.
41-49 2-10 and 21-24
50 No mishap occurs.
51-60 2-10 and 11-20
61-70 21-24 and 31-40
71-74 The alchemist mutates after three days, a successful power roll on any of these three days will prevent the mutation
75 The alchemist mutates after three days unless he makes three successful difficult power rolls, one each day. One failure results in one random minor mutation, two result in two random minor mutations and three results in one random minor mutation and a major mutation.
76-80 The alchemist mutates after three days, a successful power roll on any of these three days will prevent the mutation.
81-90 11-20 and pitch like substance falls on a 1d3 SIZ area causing fire damage.
91-99 Boils and welts spread up the alchemists arms and face, lose 1d3 APP this is classed as a major wound.
100 Serendipitous Discovery! Your Craft(Alchemy)increases by 5%.

The majority of Alchemists are not only skilled in the science but in skills that compliment the science, these skills might be Black Smithing, Metal Work or Knowledge: Occult.


Though the knowledge of many Alchemic creations has been lost over the years, there are a number of more mundane recipes that even a novice of alchemy should have little difficulty creating, these recipes are listed here.

Creating Recipes

Anyone with 50% or more in there Craft (Alchemy) Skill is capable of producing something with the skill, but it takes a skill of at least 75% to create your own recipes. Alchemic recipes can grant a user or items an effects.

To create a recipe, simply choose a power from the BRP rule book, this can be a super power, magic spell, sorcery or mutation that you wish to make available as a potion, fuse with a object or make a consumable that grants it for a short time.

Craft Alchemy

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